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Friday, December 03, 2021
For Adult Daughters of Controlling or Abusive Birth-Families

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Birth-Family Abuses of Adult Daughters
Always A Losing Proposition- Dondi's Story and Babette's Story
Betrayal and Treachery- Killing A Relationship The Fast Way
CRITICISM-Chipping Away At Your Self-Esteem & Confidence
FAMILY FREELOADERS- Sob Stories,Con Games,&Never Getting Off The Couch
Still The Boss After All These Years
The Birthday Party Double Standard- National Holiday vs. Chopped Liver
When Is It Ever Going To Be My Turn?- The Exploitation Habit
Why They Abuse, Betray, or Abandon You
FAMILY JEALOUSY-The Shameful Secret Behind Abuse And Betrayal
THE PRICE OF INDEPENDENCE- Living As Equals To Other Adults
WHY DO I PUT UP WITH THIS GARBAGE?Approval Needs, Abandonment Fears
The Silent Partner & The Silent Majority
Can One Person's Apology Make Amends For Other People's Behavior?
The Devil's Advocate : Handling The Family Meddler / "Peacemaker"
The Silent Partner
They Can't All Be Wrong And You Right...Or Can They?
The Effects of Abuse
Setting & Enforcing Limits & Boundaries
Enforcing Consequences Is Not Revenge
Learning to Say No
Off-Limits Subjects
Setting Limits-The Cure For Getting No Respect
What About "Love Your Enemies"? (Matthew 5: 44-48)
Is It Un-Christian Or Pol. Incorrect To Call A Dirtbag A Dirtbag?
Reaping What They Sow - The Natural Consequences Of Bad Behavior
Rebuke- It's For Their Own Good
Repenting & Apologies
Meaningful vs. Meaningless Apologies
The 3 Rs Of Accountability- Repentance, Restitution, and Personal Responsibility
Why Don't They Just Apologize?
Forgiveness-Not Necessarily What You Think
Different Degrees Of Reconciliation- Go With Your Comfort Level
Forgiveness-Does It Matter If The Abuser Is A Born-Again Christian?
How Can I Forgive?
If No Unconditional Forgiveness, Then What About "Father Forgive Them"
No Forgiveness For The Unrepentant
The Abuser's Reactions to Rebuke or Divorce
"After All I've Done For You..."- Trotting Out The "You Owe Me" Excuse
"My Days Are Numbered!" (And You're Speeding It Up By Confronting Me)
"You're Not Supposed To Judge Me"- The Difference Between Judging and
Desperate Measures- When They Sense They're Losing Their Grip On You-
I'm Only Human,Nobody's Perfect, We're All Selfish & All Make Mistakes
Let's Go To Counseling Together And Work On OUR Problems
Selective Amnesia: "I Have No Idea What I Did Wrong!"
She Can't Help The Way She Acts-So You'll Just Have To Accept It !
Spin Control-Making Abuse Sound Like A GOOD Thing
The Christian Abuser- Twisting God's Word To Justify Abuse
The Mystery Excuse For Abuse: Various Versions of "You Don't Know What You're Talking About" With No Further Explanation Given
The Old Age Excuses: He's Old- So He's Entitled /That's How They Get
The Preemptive Strike-Kissing Up To Your Spouse, Or Getting Rid Of Him
Reprobates & Cutting Ties
A Portrait Of Evil-How My Birth-Father Finally Sank Too Low To Dig Out
Cutting Ties- Knowing When It's Time To Walk Away
Hoovering 101 And No Contact 101
Satan's Evil Minion- The Unredeemable Reprobate
Should I Let My Estranged Relatives Have Contact With My Children?
Some Things Just Never Change
When Your Abuser Dies - Funerals,Obituaries, & Condolences
Happier Holidays
But I'm A Mother, Too! The Mother's Day and Father's Day Dilemma
Enriching Your Holidays While Including Your Birth-Family
Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Put Up The Christmas Tree!
My Holiday Deliverance
New Traditions
Our Annual SAY NO TO ADULT CHILD ABUSE WEEK- Every year starting the Sunday after Mother's Day.
Claiming the Victory
A Poem To My Family Of Origin....By Sister Pavitra
Getting Over A Lost Relationship
Honour Thy Father And Thy Mother
Is God Really Telling Us To Honor Abusive Parents?
My Name is Renee- But It Used to be Linda
Obituary for an Abuser
God's Word
The Wisdom of Proverbs
Reading Spotlight
BOUNDARIES- When to Say Yes, When to Say No, To Take Control of Your Life
CHILDREN OF THE SELF-ABSORBED, A Grown-Up's Guide to Getting Over Narcissistic Parents.
HEAL & FORGIVE II- The Journey From Abuse And Estrangement To Reconcil
HEAL & FORGIVE: Forgiveness In The Face Of Abuse
SAFE PEOPLE- How To Find Relationships That Are Good For You And Avoid Those That Aren't
The 3:16s
THE CONTROL FREAK- Coping With Those Around You, Taming The One Within
THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR- 1 in 25 Ordinary Americans Secretly Has No Conscience And Can Do Anything At All Without Feeling Guilty
TOXIC PARENTS- Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life
WHEN YOU AND YOUR MOTHER CAN'T BE FRIENDS-Resolving the Most Complicated Relationship of Your Life
Our Real Father
The Biblical Duties of a Proper Parent
Who's Your Daddy?
Joy in Jesus
WWJRD?- What Would Jesus REALLY Do?
The Freedom of the Holy Spirit
The Spirit Of Truth
Receiving a Word From The Lord
Receiving A Word From The Lord
Recognizing A Word From The Lord
Finding Peace
Finding Peace In Your Life
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FAQ About Abusive, Narcissistic, And Psychopathic Relatives
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    The Lord specifically called Sister Renee to minister to Adult Children, not their parents, estranged siblings or friends, abusive or abused spouses, or victims of other types of abuse, although what we write here can often be meaningful for those folks as well. Because of this, our ministry and website have a narrow focus which we will not be changing. We simply can't cover everything. In addition, it is not our purpose to help you re-establish contact with someone who felt it was necessary to cut you off for the sake of their own well-being. We do not keep a list of resources for estranged parents or any other type of abuse and suggest if you are sincerely interested in making amends with an estranged relative, you do an internet search for a website or group that will be more relevant to you. If you cannot find a group or site that you can relate to, we suggest you start your own, and bless other people in your position as well as find support for your personal issues. 
    For Adult Children and others as well, please understand that we cannot give you personal advice concerning your particular family relationships.  We are not therapists or lawyers, we usually do not have enough information to form an opinion, and time does not permit us to give enough thought to each person's individual situation to do it justice. If you need personal advice, we urge you to contact the appropriate professional, depending on the problem you have- your minister, therapist, attorney, police department, local domestic violence hotline, etc. In reading this site, you acknowledge that nothing you might read here qualifies as or substitutes for professional advice. Please note we cannot recommend or refer you to a counselor and we do not have a list of therapists or recovery groups in your area. The only Counselor we recommend is the Holy Ghost, and we encourage you to read the Bible and learn for yourself what the Lord says about the issues we write about.
    Our articles are strictly our personal opinions and testimonies and are not intended to give or offer any advice. All who access this site do so with the understanding that we are NOT professional counselors and we strongly recommend that you discuss your individual situation with your pastor or therapist and pray for the Lord's guidance before acting on anything we write on this site. Unfortunately, the abuse we discuss is all too common, inflicted on countless victims by countless perpetrators. All names and identifying details in our articles have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty. Any resemblance to a real person or persons whom you might know is strictly coincidental.